Heated Vitopod Propagator Large Triple Layer

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Description :

Our Vitopod Heated propagator has won many awards including BBC Gardeners World 'Best Buy' and Grow Your Own magazine 'Most Innovative Product' because it provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants.

  • Spacious - The 100 watt Vitopod fits 12x half seed trays 
  • Precise control - the Vitopod's thermostat can be set to any 1°C between 5°C and 30°C to meet the exact needs of your plants. No other heated propagator gives such range and precision. 
  • Height adjustable - height extensions can be bought at any time. Each extension is 15cm tall, so you can protect taller plants without heating your greenhouse. You can add up to 12 layers so It effectively turns into a mini greenhouse!
  • Even heat heat is distributed evenly throughout the base, so there are no hot or cold spots. Seeds germinate evenly with higher success rates.
  • Accurate temperature sensor triggers the supply of heat depending on the sensor reading, maintaining the right temperature without wasting electricity.
  • Large vents - for humidity control, so your plants don’t dampen-off.
  • Robust - this electric propagator is built to last. The lids and sides are treated to prevent yellowing.