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Description :

Product Description

The Smart Valve is a brand new, battery-free tool in the automatic watering armoury, and can greatly extend watering periods.

The valve is placed at the bottom of the watering tray, and monitors the water level. Once the water has gone, the sensor in the valve will automatically draw more from a nearby reservoir. The kit includes tubing to link to the reservoir, which can be any kind of soft plastic container, such as a 5-litre milk bottle or a large camping water bottle.

The valve can also be linked to larger reservoirs, such as water butts, just connect to a garden hose.

The valve can be adjusted to ensure the water level in the tray in kept between 7-20mm, depending on your plants needs and how long you need to keep them watered for.

With a large enough reservoir, it is possible to keep a tray of plants watered for at least two weeks, even in warm temperatures. Please be aware that it is impossible to give an exact length of time, however, and it is worth monitoring water consumption for at least week before you go away.

The Smart Valve is also invaluable in the greenhouse, and for regular watering throughout the growing season. Plants benefit greatly from the natural wet & dry cycle, and there is no problem of under or over-watering which reduces the risk of disease.

New for 2012, from Garden Innovations. Kit includes one Smart Valve, 1.25m of 4mm tubing, 1 outlet fitting and 1 hole-forming tee, instructions. The valve can be used with both 4mm and 6mm bore tubing. The kit is supplied in minimal packaging, to ensure the cost savings are passed directly to the customer.

Box Contains

1 x Smart Valve




  • Brand new innovation which greatly extends automatic watering time
  • No batteries or timers required
  • Valve sensor indicates when water level is low, and automatically refills from a nearby reservoir
  • Valve can be linked to small or large reservoirs
  • Ideal for holiday watering, and for optimal watering throughout the year



  • Brand Name: Nutley's