Yonntech 5-50ML Manual Filling Machine For Liquids, Sauces, Cream and Pastes.

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Description :

7 x O-ring.

2 x Hex keys.

2 x Oil seal.

1 x Manual filling machine.

1 x Nozzles (6 mm / 8 mm).

1 x English user manual.




  • The machine has a container that will hold 10 kg, the user can adjust the filling amount from 2ml to 50ml.
  • Quick-removable sanitary stainless steel fittings,clean and hygienic,very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The machine has a simple and solid structure, providing comfortable manual operation without too much energy. There is an adjustment knob for regulating the filling volume and the fill rate.
  • 40 bottles / min depending on the speed of the operator, the density of the product, the suction length, the filling speed, etc.
  • Applicable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticide and special industries and also can be used for sealing tube, it is the ideal filling machine for pastes, sauces and liquids.